DoowueseTer Aor

C.E.O @ Xristal Beauty Hub. She resides in Lagos but she is an adorable Benuelite, Tiv lady.

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  1. Many have said so much about you. What I have to say is all there words on you are through. You beautiful but I wish to have the chance to know more of you

  2. I so much cherich Benue ladies because they are very accommodating and nice ,many of my male friends are from Benue, mst of them from Idoma and Igala, i would have love to marry from Benue.

  3. Babe you truly beautiful. Your beauty is what is so natural and adorable. I will like to be your friend if you don’t mind. We can exchange contact and be able to know ourselves very well. Thanks for your reply.

  4. Those who will like to contact Doowuese Aor Ter, can hook her up on Fcaebook using the same as it is indicated here. She is real but not fake like most of us who use fake names on Facebook. Good luck as you travel to meet the enshrined beauty gem.

  5. Lovely babe u look very beautiful would wanna know u more; pls just call me briefly 07036228127 , 07085238505 I’ll return ur call instantly

  6. I need a beautify venue girl amongst your listing for marriage. Please reach me on 08038208785

  7. You are every man dream wife hmmmmm I love you but I can’t marry u but I love you if I can get you I will cherish and adore u for life I love you

  8. What more can I say! She’s just snazzy in her prime… Wish we can b friends/acquaintance so as to know each other on a personal level.

  9. U are so beautiful Doouese Term Aor,pls dear I will luv to meet u,dis is my contact dear 07066102702 or 08093868532,pls dear I will be expecting to hear from u,thanks.

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