DoowueseTer Aor

C.E.O @ Xristal Beauty Hub. She resides in Lagos but she is an adorable Benuelite, Tiv lady.

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  1. Doo is simply beautiful. I like her dressing, necklace and bangle, Wrist watch and her footwear as well as headgear. Very nice.

  2. Nice personality.Whats a point if i cant talk to her..These sorts of pic seducing or deceit to men..ladies deserve love nd respect.Unfortunately u r selling her beauties nd u do ur own business for ur ulterior motive. V traggic

  3. WoW!! My mine, mine….. Gorgeous! Charming, beautiful Doo. Wow! For the first time this group has finally brings someone that matches… my choice of woman that’s dress decently but still stands out pure…. and beautiful, words can not just express how am moved by just seeing this your pic’s… But all I can say is….. (You are the reason why African men won’t stops loving their women.) Peace!!!

  4. Doowuese,kindly WhatsApp me on 08032297044 or phone me on 08054862286 my name is James for a relationship.I love u.

  5. You are looking very good and pretty. Love to interact with you dear through watsap no 08168070830

  6. There is nothing with the picture but like l mentioned earlier on, my reservation is the use of dresses which are not native are taking the upper hand. It’s in the light of this that l said the administration can create the awareness for followers to promote our cultural heritage since the page is solely about Benue people.

  7. You’re so beautiful beyond imagination. I like, adore you and wish I can have you for a serious relationship.

  8. Uve got lots of admires, nevertheless, am Stanley Nwachukwu, who humbly and patiently want to meet with u.if u don’t mind,add me up on 08101218120.

  9. Astonished is the language I can use for now, my dear sister beautiful is understatement, you’re an epitome of beauty.

  10. Doowuese u did not answer me but I can’t hide ur beauty to be a secret, if I love someone truly I tell then even if is not returned the way I do but I know that they know, I I’ll be happy if u chat me 08062375829

  11. It’s seems the have said it all but u are really beautiful as don’t mind them chat with me 08175613779

  12. So beautiful.thisis my girl type.i love u girl.This is martin u can what’s app me or message me on Facebook. Contact me on 08163083943,08140860258

  13. Dear doowuese ur beauty is not surgery that how God create u.there is NO market for emotions so I can’t advertised my feelings rather i I’ll display my attitude dear,I I’ll be glad If u can chart me up 08062375829

  14. Beautiful lady u are,I admiral u.can we chart on whatsapp.this is my cellphone number 09074534453.excepting ur reply.thanks

  15. So charming beautiful creature you really indeed worth everything that will make you happy wish you the best in life,, much love from me

  16. She is looking beautiful, but I can see where to connect with her. This is my whatsapp number 08164895022. Please pretty angle add me on whatsapp am very interested in you….thanks.

  17. Of all benue girl pic I have seen, I hadn’t any choice but to salute your beauty with cap off in respect. To perfect this, I hope you have what it takes to be a real woman inside.

  18. great job here you guys are very beautiful but good characters is the beauty of every woman so am advice my sisters,please any beautiful Idoma lady between 18 to 30 years of age should add my brother whatup please +971567026567,more blessing

  19. Hello beautiful princess how are you doing over there i guess cool? Well i just want to tell that you are indeed a pretty angel let me have your number so that i will chat you up on what’s app hoping to hear from you thanks.

  20. God created them with beauty, but idoma girls have respect and humbleness. All I have seen in dis photograph are all angels and Rose. Can I be a screen saver to one?

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