Mnena Ade

Meet Mnena Ade

She is a beautiful girl from benue state, Nigeria.

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If you want to add her as friend on Facebook, search for “Mnena Ade” or use this :

About Benue Girls Are Beautiful is a website launched to showcase beautiful girls from benue, a state in Nigeria, Africa. These include benue models, makeup artists, pageant queens, fashion slayers etc You can somehow get to meet some of them for friendship, online dating or even marriage if things work out between you guys. Have fun! You can check out the site at :

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  1. U look amazing. Will love to be friend who knows we could have a common ground of interest. I love making friends as an hobby.

  2. To be honest this particular one is the most beautiful one here, please her WhatsApp number to be sent through my Email address. THANKS

  3. wow oooooh. So much had been said about Benue state girls, about their beauty and Hosnety in a relationship and marriage, is just too for me getting to be part of this group now. Thanks.

  4. Please Pamela Maria Benjamin, can you call me on 09036810848, let’s talk and see what God can do for us.

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