Tiv Girl Rocks

Ain’t this tiv girl beautiful?

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About Tiv People

The Tiv are the 4th largest ethnic group in Nigeria and the dominant tribe in benue state, Nigeria.

The alluvial soil of Tiv lands provide the most fertile land in Nigeria for the cultivation of yams, millet, cassava, beniseed and soybeans. Benue State is of course the major producer of soybeans in Nigeria, accounting for over two-thirds of the country’s production.


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  1. Beauty is ur name dear, stay graceful and BIG HUG dear! (0266766721) hit me on What’sap dear! ???

  2. U were made like the stars in the sky and just like the stars shine at night that is how your beauty shines,?????

  3. I would be thankful if I had the opportunity to chat one On one with her please just 2mins is all am asking for.

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